Become aware of the unconscious and fascinating story that your body tells you.

Aikoko for Individuals

  • Massage therapy
  • Coaching
  • Tantra healing
  • Bio-logical approach to complaints

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Aikoko for companies

  • Optimize group dynamics
  • Insight into individual and group processes
  • Conflict management
  • Safety training
  • Insight into your own body posture / language

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"Live in the present, lovingly and harmoniously"


About Wilfried

Through the unconscious body language, the unconscious body story, I guide individuals and groups through the process of personal growth and awareness.

I support individuals intuitively and bio-logically, through bodywork - coaching - tantra healing, in their path of awareness or through their process of possible complaints and / or disease .

I support companies in optimizing group dynamics, gaining insight into individual and group processes on the basis of unconscious body posture/language - dealing with stress - conflict management.

For many years I'm practicing bodywork, massage therapy and coaching. I am active as a teacher in conflict management & martial arts and I organize yoga and qi-gong retreats.

Furthermore, I have had a long career as a professional firefighter / paramedic

My experiences give me a broad, varied and powerful basis from which I can provide tailor-made guidance for companies and individuals.

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